Plans and Pricing

Team Iron Cowboy offers training plans for triathletes, cyclists, and runners – from beginner all the way to experienced, competitive athletes. Choose the perfect plan for your level of training and goals.

Personal Coaching Plan

Need something a little more? Want one on one time with one of our world class coaches? Each Personal Coaching plan includes the following:

Final Surge Account
Fully custom, goal based training plan
Detailed Recovery Plan
Weekly Email Tips
Iron Cowboy Community Member
Unlimited access to Knowledge Vault
Unlimited access to your personal coach
Free IC Webinars
Signed hard copy of “Redefine Impossible”
Team IC Tee & Hat
Discounts on Nutrition
15% Discount on IC Races & Training Camps
Full fitness / cross-training plan
Race plan & strategy sessions
Discount on TIC Race Kit



Pick your sport – triathlon, running, cycling


Pick your distance – sprint/5k, olympic/10k, etc.


Pick your intensity – this step requires some explanation. There are four levels to choose from, distinguished by their training load:


  • Level 0: very light training load (x hrs/wk)
  • Level 1: light/moderate load (x hrs/wk)
  • Level 2: moderately heavy load (x hrs/wk)
  • Level 3: heavy load (x hrs/wk)


Proven Plans

Scientifically developed and athlete-proven training plans

Coach’s Notes

direct from Iron Cow Boy Team with insights and motivation to get you on the right path


Built-in prehab routines (core, strength, mobility, etc.) to keep you healthy


The perfect balance of training stress and recovery to optimize your performance gains so you can reach your full potential

Direct Access to World Class Coaches

Our entire staff is available inside our team forums every day. Unlike other coaches, this team lives to understand you, support you and help you achieve your personal best!

All The Answers You Need

Just this part alone is worth 10X the small membership fee. Team member’s questions and the detailed answers are always there for you in the archives, ready for you to access and benefit from anytime!

Live Regular Video Coaching Sessions

Our coaches love teaching! I take turns digging into the meatier issues that I notice repeating themselves inside the forums. When I go live, our team joins us for some serious value-packed sessions.

A Key to the Resource Vault

Inside you’ll get every triathlon secret revealed in a wide array of formats for your convenience: everything from swimming drills, cycling techniques, mental preparation, race-day techniques and much more. The vault delivers a powerful punch of knowledge, on-demand, anywhere you need it

Interactive Training Plans

Having a busy life means you don’t have time to think about how to train. You just want to follow a proven plan built by some of the best coaches on the planet. No matter your level or goals, I’ll give you the perfect plan from our 30 custom options to inspire and move you, every single day.

Team Community

Members share tips, tricks, experience and hold valuable discussions with coaches across every topic. On top of that, your community is here to hold you accountable, share victories, give encouragement and motivation when you need it most.