Jason McCaffrey

10 x Ironman, 6 x 70.3 finisher, AAU Deadlifting age group winner, Tough Mudder finisher, Ironman University Certified Coach, Husband, and Father.

Jason is a passionate triathlete who believes a triathlon is won on the run. He has mastered the art of conserving energy on the swim and bike in order to come across that finish line strong.

  • Before many injuries plagued Jason, he competed in AAU Deadlifting competitions and won his age group
  • After many years of surgeries due to sport-related injuries, Jason came back on to the athletic scene by training for and finishing a Tough Mudder.
  • Jason loved the challenge so much; he decided to take it to the next level and began his triathlon career
  • Now a 10 x IronMan, 6 x 70.3 finisher, he loves the sport of triathlon and is working towards a Kona qualification

While being coached by the Iron Cowboy, Jason PR’d twice in one season, proving the power of one-on-one coaching. Jason suffers from autoimmune diseases as well as dietary restrictions, therefore is well educated in nutrition and how to support the body through rigorous training and racing, no matter the health condition. Whether racing a 5k or a 140.6, Jason will be your biggest fan, knowing that no matter the distance, it is a feat in and of itself.


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